Lancôme Juicy Shaker – Vanilla Pop


The Juicy Shaker is the latest lip offering from Lancôme, a pigment infused bi-phase lip oil which retails at £18. Now, when I first heard about these I thought they seemed like a bit of a gimmick but when I tested these out in store I was drawn in by how moisturised my lips felt. The product is part oil and part pigment based so when left to sit the pigment drops to the bottom and oil sits on the top, that’s where the ‘shaker’ part comes in. The packaging has been designed in the form of a cocktail shaker, you simply shake the product up (rather vigorously) to mix the oil and pigment together before use. Lancôme took inspiration from their world famous cocktail shaker lipstick from 1945 and their Juicy Tube lipgloss from the 90’s, mixed them together and out popped the Juicy Shaker.

The Juicy Shaker comes in 20 shades, each with their own unique scent. Vanilla Pop has a sweet vanilla scent, but is not sickly when applied and gives a very sheer wash of colour, in this case a lovely berry red. The oil gives a plump and glossy look to the lips and they felt nourished and hydrated after just one use. I would class this product as more of a lip treatment, with a hint of colour and sheen as an added bonus. This product doesn’t last a long time on the lips but because of the unique applicator, re-applying these are half of the fun anyway!






Skincare Review: Origins V Ren #glowedition

If a product claims to be energising, encourage glow and likened to caffeine for the skin, I am ALL OVER IT. These two sets are very similar in that you are saving a lot of money with the extras which are being thrown in for free*. The Origins GinZing moisturiser is usually £24 for 50ml but in this set, for an extra £14* you are getting 75ml moisturiser as well as 30ml GinZing Scrub Cleanser, 15ml Rose Clay Mask, 15ml Renewal serum and a nice travel bag (total saving £21).

The Ren set is a another great deal. The Glycolactic Renewal Mask is £32 on its own, but in this set your are getting 30ml Polish Cleanser and 15ml BB cream with SPF, as well as a sample of the night-time facial and a handy travel bag for free (a total saving of £15).

Origins Energising Essentials – £38

I have been using this moisturiser for at least 2 years now so I knew what to expect and that I wouldn’t be disapointed. What I love about this moisturiser is the way it sinks into your skin after a few seconds, meaning your can put your make up on straight away. It primes the skin well, making the make up sit nicely. My skin does feel energised and slightly more plump when I use this so I would agree with the claims the product makes. I would say that if you have very dry skin this would not be enough for you as it is extremely light. If you have combination to oily skin this would be perfect. My skin can often be dry in the winter and I do feel the need for extra moisture around this time. It is however, perfect for the summer months and really wakes you up with its zesty orange scent!

Now onto the other treats included in this set. The Renewal serum is beautiful, it has a lovely texture and leaves the skin feeling silky soft. This is lovely paired underneath the GinZing moisturiser for added moisture. I wasn’t madly in love with the Scrub Cleanser or Clay Mask because my skin if very sensitive to products with exfoiliatibng beads in, I did have a few breakouts after using these. If you haven’t got a problem with sensitive skin and enjoy using exfoiliating products you will enjoy these products.

Ren Get Your Glow On! – £32

I had heard a lot of good things about this mask on YouTube so when I saw that lookfantastic had this set on offer for £21 (orginal price £32) I couldn’t resist. The mask has a strange marmalade-like texture and does sting the skin during the first few minutes. The stinging is caused by the Glycolactic ingredient in this mask which effectively dissolves dead skin cells. I was worried that the stinging would result in a breakout after use and I was right, I did get a few spots shortly after washing this mask off. My skin was however brighter and softer. I am not sure that I would buy this product again as the results did not blow me away but I am glad I tried it at this bargain price!

The BB cream is lovely and will be perfect for a light coverage whilst on holiday as it is sheer and light with a hint of glow. The Micro Polish is very abrasive and good when you have a lot of build up on the skin. Again, this is one that I need to be careful with as my skin can get angry with me when I use these beady bruisers!

The Lorac Pro Palette


The Lorac Pro Palette, what I thought was an urban beauty myth finally mine for the taking *holds palette up to the sky to angels singing*

I was lucky enough to get my hands on this beauty as a result of a good friend (BFF x1000) hunting it down in Florida. Knowing that this palette was only available in the US (and even then the chances of finding it were likened to discovering big foot!) I was sceptical that my request would be fulfilled. To my delight upon her return my dream had come true!

The Pro palette came packaged in a compact black box along with a good sample size primer at 5.5g


The palette itself contains 16 deliciously pigmented and buttery shadows, 8 matte (top row) and 8 shimmers (bottom row).  The shadows are presented in black sleek packaging which is handily narrow and compact for travelling.  One of the things I like most about the palette is the correlation between the matte and shimmer shades, for example for each matte shade there is a shimmer shade below it which compliments it beautifully. I find that this is particularly useful for those of us who are not au fait with applying eye shadow and need a quick shadow combo on a sleepy Monday morning. Handy pairings aside, all 16 shadows compliment each other extremely well and can be mix n’ matched for dozens of versatile day to evening looks.

Retailing at $42 (£26) the Lorac Pro palette is one of the best quality products I have come across. I am reaching for this palette on the daily over my Urban Decay Naked 3 palette- it just can’t compete on quality, pigment or blend ability! As you can tell I am head over heels in love with this palette! Well worth the trip to the US… Or a good will gesture from a good friend (BFF x 1000)