Can’t Get Enough, Raw Brownies


I just can’t get enough of these raw chocolate brownies from Deliciously Ella’s first book. As I’ve mentioned before I have a sweet tooth, especially on a morning, so I have been loving having these for breakfast! With the brownie tin I use, the recipe makes 9 large brownies which will last me and my husband the working week (we take it in turns who gets to have the last one on a Friday morning!).

These brownies are moist, sweet and nutty with a hint of chocolate running through. They are satisfying and filling and will keep your energy levels up due to the natural, unrefined ingredients used – but by no means do these brownies taste ‘healthy’.

Since becoming vegan 5 weeks ago I have been really enjoying raw desserts and have found that my taste buds and cravings have changed considerably. It’s been really surprising to find that I’ve not been craving the dairy milk chocolate and cakes I’ve been used to all these years. I think because I know I can’t have most cake and desserts that’s available in the supermarket it takes all of the temptation away in a,’that’s not mine to take’ kind of way.  I will be making lots more vegan desserts and I currently have my eye on a Key Lime Pie Cheese Cake that I would like to recreate so watch this space for that one!






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